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Sure they are super trendy, but the good news is, they are also super small. is a great place to get a Beginner Ukulele that is affordable enough to forget about it when Banjos take center stage again.  You can even get yourself a Hello Kitty Ukulele! As for me, I am holding our [...]

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Music Store Directory

Check out, the latest release the guys that brought you TheBigFork (us).  Use it to find a Music Store near you, check music store reviews, and more.

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For the past year or so, Adam and I have been focusing on, a site that allows you to find nearby restaurants.  While we have many new products in the works, the current source of revenue is advertising.  And as the site has been growing, the ad network best suited for us has been [...]

For the past couple months, I have been working on my shiny new guitar blog. I write about guitars, players, equipment, culture, picks… all the basics. If you are looking for a good site for guitar reviews, its a great choice. Is this post a shameless SEO push for my new site?  Yes it is. [...]

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I have been building a lot of sites lately using WordPress. It has come along way since I started this blog 3 years ago- WordPress is now a full fledged content management system in its own right. Use it for a blog, or a small website. Or both. The sites I have been building are [...]

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A year ago today I had a headache. A big one. This was low point in a continuous migraine that lasted about 5 months. As I was thinking about the whole experience, it occurred to me that I never blogged about the resolution. This might fill in the gaps for any friends that haven’t heard [...]

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Darling Kaysville Home 920 East 350 South, Kaysville, UT 84037 View Map You won’t want to miss this darling Kaysville home featuring: * 3 Bedrooms * 2 Bathrooms * Approximately 1635 square feet + additional crawlspace storage * Updated kitchen with lots of cabinet storage space * Updated flooring throughout * New windows * Light [...]

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I know, I know. I already did this in this post about leaving Facebook, right? I am completely satisfied with my decision to leave. The problem is, these issues keep popping up in my life. I keep being included in the problems, so I am going to vent about them some more. 1) Forced Reciprocity: [...]

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I have been a Pete Yorn fan ever since he released musicforthemorningafter about 8 years ago.  I have enjoyed his subsequent albums, but nothing has really taken hold of me since the first release.  Till Now. Yorn just released “The Break Up”.  It is a duets album featuring Scarlett Johansson.  Wait, she can sing?  I [...]

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Yep, another customer service Rant. Standard Optical Bountiful is by far the worst customer service experience I have had in a long time.  If you are looking for an eye doctor in bountiful, utah let me suggest you go anywhere but here. There are plenty of places for a good eye exam in Bountiful but [...]

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I just finished my exam to become a notary public.  I know, its prestigious.  (Who am I kidding!  Its a young man’s game!) I am always amazed at how poorly the government uses technology.  This is a great example: 1.  The test is online, unsupervised, but “closed book”. 2.  The test must be completed on [...]

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I just read a brilliant commentary about the current state of US politics, and I couldn’t agree more. Its by Rudy Ruiz, and you can find it here. I tried to make this point a few months ago, but he does a better job. Our politics are becoming so polarized- not because of inherent differences [...]